Meet Our Group

Our group working on different areas of electronics regime comes from different educational background. This makes the DEL lab a diversified research lab where we are exploring the technology in almost all domains to serve the society.

Dr. Satinder Sharma
Associate Professor (SCEE) Group Head

Specialization: Nanoelectronics, Sensors, Photovoltaic & self-assembly
Home Town: Mandi, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: +919459190073

Dr. Rudra Kumar
PDF (Post-Doctoral Fellow)

Specialization: Energy Storage Devices: Hybrid Supercapacitors, Lithium-ion, Lithium—Sulfur, Potassium-ion Battery
Home Town: Patna
Phone: 9005444503

Ms. Shivani
(Ph.D.) Research Scholar

Specialization: Electronics and Optoelectronics based on organic and 2D materials
Home Town: Paonta Sahib
Phone: 8679411793

Mr. Mohammad Ghulam Moinuddin
(Ph.D.) Research Scholar

Specialization: Nanoelectronics device fabrication; Spintronic devices for CMOS applications; Nanolithography 
Home Town: Ghazipur, (U.P.)
Phone: 9015511002

Researcher ID
Mr. Kumar Palit
Project Engineer
Specialization: Atomic Force Microscopy 
Home Town: Mandi
Phone: +919418768459 

Mr. Sumit Choudhary
(Ph.D.) Research Scholar

Specialization: Microelectronics, Resistive Memory, SiGe based CMOS Logic Devices
Home Town: (YNR), Haryana
Phone: +91-9416278181

Ms. Prachi Gupta
(Ph.d.) Research Scholar

Specialization: CMOS Logic devices, High-k dielectrics, 2D Materials based FETs 
Home Town: Delhi
Phone: +919899751913

Mr. Manvendra Chauhan
(Ph.d.) Research Scholar

Specialization: VLSI technology, Lithography
Home Town:  Sitapur (U.P.)
Phone: (+91)-9936330300


Dr. Subhashis Das
PDF (Post-Doctoral Fellow)

Specialization: Two Dimensional transition metal Dichalcogenides based Electronic and Sensor Devices

Home Town: Contai, West Bengal

Current Position: Asst. Prof. Brainware university, Kolkata, W.B.

Phone: 9734373575


Dr. Mahesh Soni
(Ph.D.) Research Scholar

Specialization: 2D materials for electronics; non-volatile memory, flexible/wearable printed sensors.

Home Town: Durg (C.G.)

Current Position: Research Assistant, Bendable Electronics and Sensing Technologies (BEST) Group, University of Glasgow, U.K.

Phone: +447926973687, +919012094149


Dr. Robin Khosla
(Ph.D.) Research Scholar

Specialization: High-k Dielectrics, CMOS logic and non volatile memory Home Town: Jalandhar

Current Position: Humboldt Post Doc  Research Fellow, University of Stuttgart, Germany. & Asst. Prof. NIT Silchar.

Phone: +4971168569203


Mr. Shivendra Rathore
Project Associate

Specialization: Semiconductor device fabrication, High-k Dielectric 
Home Town: Agra 
Current Position: PhD, Research Fellow, IIT Delhi

Phone: 9899751913


Mr. Mandeep Jhangra
Project Associate

Specialization: Microelectronic device fabrication, Organic Electronics,Flexible Electronics, Silicon Photonics, MEMS 
Home Town: Hisar
Current Position: PhD, Research Fellow, IIT Roorkee

Phone: +91-9068348789



    • Prof. Kenneth E. Gonsalves, IIT Mandi
    • Dr. Ajay Soni, IIT Mandi.
    • Dr. Subrata Ghosh, IIT Mandi.
    • Dr. Pradeep Parameswaran, IIT Mandi.
    • Dr. Hitesh Shrimali, IIT Mandi.
    • Dr. Srikant Srinivasan, IIT Mandi.
    • Dr. Pradeep Kumar, IIT Mandi.
    • Dr. Ankush Bag, IIT Mandi.
    • Prof. Dinesh Kumar, Kurukshetra University.
    • Prof. B. Prasad, Kurukshetra University.
    • Prof. Jorg Schulze, Institute of Semiconductor Technology, Stuttgart University, (TU9), Germany.